Mariona Borrull

Mariona Borrull is a freelance writer from Spain who lives for all things related to film festivals: from big events as Cannes to the most niche rural screening you can imagine. Passionately devoted to discovering new personal obsessions nobody else will ever understand and guided by a capital “why not?”, you will probably find them talking about anime or world cinema at one of the many radio shows they collaborate with. Mariona likes to think about themselves as the Tom Cruise of film journalism, even though they haven’t been to the gym in the last three months.

Experiencia y Educación

Fotogramas, a historical Spanish magazine on film, has been their home since they started on the business. They are regulars on all five major Catalan radio stations, both public and private (except from that one religious cast they, an accute non-binary lesbian, surprisingly have never been invited to...). Mariona is very proud of their trajectory covering A-Class film festivals since 2018, for print (El Cultural, Gara) and online (Sensacine, Kinótico) media outlets. And, even though Berlinale Talents Press distinguished them on 2022, they still get that nasty impostor syndrome. You will find them weekly on betevé, Barcelona’s TV station, and in Sopa de Miso, a podcast on anime. They have been published as part of a collective essay on Pier Paolo Pasolini, and teach at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Albeit a professional hot mess, at least they know their aspirational job is programming for film festivals. For that, they have also begun working for Most Festival (on wine and cinema) and for L’Alternativa, an independent cinema venue in Barcelona. What is to come? JustWatch looks like a promising new ally.

Películas y series favoritas

Their favorite movies include Whisper of the Heart, You and the Night and an all-time favorite classic, Casablanca. They lose it commending about How to with John Wilson and Mae Martin’s Feel Good, but they can’t help mainly being old-fashioned otakus by comparing everything they watch to some animated show from the early 2000. The Tatami Galaxy, Nichijou and Steins Gate are their holy trinity. You can follow them on Twitter @Mariona_Borrull

Mariona Borrull has written 3 articles on JustWatch. This includes adding news and relevant information to movie & TV show pages.

  • <h1>Nicolas Cage te visita en sueños en ‘Dream Scenario’</h1>

    Nicolas Cage te visita en sueños en ‘Dream Scenario’

    Hace años que la crítica trabaja para entender cómo reaccionamos ante el cuerpo reconocible de un actor y la máscara que lleva, y cómo lo que vemos y lo que sabemos se contaminan entre sí…

    Sin embargo, con Nicolas Cage la teoría no vale. Nic ha fundado una escuela de interpretación antinaturalista, consciente de sí misma y perfectamente autónoma respecto al tono de las películas en las que actúa. Una donde realidad y ficción son difíciles de rastrear.

    Por ello, cuando hoy el actor trata de convencernos que es un “don nadie”, nuestra pirueta mental es triple. En ‘Dream Scenario’ Nic Cage es Paul, un catedrático y padre de familia absolutamente anodino en tanto que su existencia es sólo un punto más rutinaria que la tuya o la mía.

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