Apocalypse Domani


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Horror, Mystery & Thriller, Science-Fiction, Made in Europe
Χρόνος ροής
1h 36min


John Saxon
Norman Hopper
Tony King
Tom Thompson
Wallace Wilkinson
Captain McCoy
Venantino Venantini
Lieutenant Hill
Ramiro Oliveros
Dr. Phil Mendez
Edoardo Margheriti
Police Officer (uncredited)
Walter Patriarca
Mr. Philipps, Jane Hopper's guest at TV Station (uncredited)
Renzo Pevarello
Hospital Assistant (uncredited)
Luca Venantini
Bobby (uncredited)
Paul Costello
Newscaster (uncredited)
Goffredo Unger
Mall Guard (uncredited)
Renzo Marignano
Dr. Morris (uncredited)


Released from captivity in Vietnam, two American Army officers return to civilian life and discover they have acquired an insatiable taste for human flesh. A city is terrorised... as they stalk the inhabitants to satisfy their primitive appetites.

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