The Magicians

The Magicians - 2ος κύκλος (2017)

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Science-Fiction, Drama, Fantasy, Made in Europe
Χρόνος ροής


Jason Ralph
Quentin Coldwater
Arjun Gupta
William "Penny" Adiyodi
Stella Maeve
Julia Wicker
Jade Tailor
Kady Orloff-Diaz
Hale Appleman
Eliot Waugh
Summer Bishil
Margo Hanson
Rick Worthy
Dean Fogg


Magic is dying. With our characters transported to the magical kingdom of Fillory - and named Kings and Queens of the land to boot - can they save magic? Oh, and there's still the Beast to deal with, don't forget. Meanwhile, Julia is on a no-holds-barred revenge quest against the evil God that attacked her.

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