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In 1943, Carson Shaw travels to Chicago to try out for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. There, she meets other women who also dream of playing pro baseball and makes connections that open up her world. Rockford local Max Chapman also comes to the tryouts but is turned away. With the support of her best friend Clance, she must forge a new path to pursue her dream.

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Dráma, Komédia, Sport & Fitness, Románc, Gyerekek és család




Abbi Jacobson
Carson Shaw
Chanté Adams
Max Chapman
D'Arcy Carden
Greta Gill
Gbemisola Ikumelo
Clance Morgan
Kelly McCormack
Jess McCready
Melanie Field
Jo De Luca
Priscilla Delgado
Esti González
Kate Berlant
Shirley Cohen
Molly Ephraim
Maybelle Fox