Miss Fisher rejtélyes esetei - 3. évad (2015)

Eredeti cím: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

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8 Epizódok

Bűn, Dráma, Rejtély és thriller


Essie Davis
Phryne Fisher
Ashleigh Cummings
Dorothy 'Dot' Williams
Nathan Page
Detective John 'Jack' Robinson


When Phryne’s estranged father, Lord Henry George Fisher, arrives unannounced in Australia after selling up the family estate in England, he does his best to ingratiate himself with Dot, Bert, Cec and Mr Butler, though his roguish charm is lost on his own daughter. When Phryne recalls a secret encounter she witnessed during the War, between her father and an angry visitor, she begins to suspect that the cousin the Fishers inherited their title from is still alive and could be out to exact his revenge.

Miss Fisher rejtélyes esetei adatfolyam, bérlés vagy vásárlás – 3. évad:

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