Veredas (1978)

Fantasia, Made in Europe, Drama
2h 3min
Classificação de idade


Carmen Duarte
Francisco Domingues
The Storyteller
Margarida Gil
The Girl / The Devil's Woman
Sílvia Gomes Ferreira
The Young Creature of the Elms and Waters
João Guedes
The Lord of the Lands
António Mendes
The Wanderer / The Shepherd
João César Monteiro
The Monk / The Boss of the Thieves
Leonor Seixas
The 1st Daughter of the Devil
The 2nd Daughter of the Devil
Adília Martins
The Woman Who Grinds the Earth
Madalena Barbosa
The Lord of the Lands' Wife
Antônio Eugênio Matos
The Eldest Son of the Lord of the Lands
Alexandra Barbosa
The Youngest Daughter of the Lord of the Lands


Parallel tales of young couples desperately escaping cruel false fathers, each couple on the run across different regions of the country and during increasingly contemporary time periods.

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