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Joe McBryan
Himself, Buffalo Joe


Ice Pilots NWT is back. The hugely popular docu-series following the adventures of the renegade Arctic airline Buffalo Airways returns for a soaring sixth season. Visually stunning and emotionally gripping, Season Six takes viewers through the toughest ice storm Buffalo has ever faced. This season opens with a meltdown when the C-46 suffers an engine fire on the runway, sending the entire Buffalo crew scrambling for a back-up plane. As the coldest winter in decades grips the Northwest Territories, every rampie and rookie pilot in the company faces huge challenges, including de-icing frozen up planes. Joe’s new Electra from England isn’t faring well either, as everything from its engines to instruments fail. Aspiring DC-3 pilot Prefkar Mony from India learns about northern living the cold, cruel way and later faces the wrath of Joe when he makes a serious mistake. Greenhorn rampies Jeff Tapper and Sam Storm are put to the test with their DC-3 checkflights, as they struggle with flight plan changes, food poisoning and plain old nerves. Down in California, it’s Buffalo’s top guns vs the rookies as they challenge each other in real fighter plane dogfights. Plus, there are new adventures for the McBryan clan. It’s a crazy year, as Joe goes from celebrating his 70th birthday with a flight in an old Sterman biplane to being forced to relinquish official control of the company. Mikey sets up a big D-Day tribute jump with Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry to celebrate the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

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