Americanii - Sezonul 6 (2018)

Titlul original: The Americans

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10 Episoade

Dramă, Crimă, Mystery & Thriller


Keri Russell
Elizabeth Jennings
Matthew Rhys
Phillip Jennings
Holly Taylor
Paige Jennings
Keidrich Sellati
Henry Jennings
Noah Emmerich
Stan Beeman
Costa Ronin
Oleg Igorevich Burov


In the sixth and final season, Philip and Elizabeth’s ability to protect their cover and family’s safety deteriorates. The Jennings struggle to maintain a smokescreen of normalcy, especially around their son who remains ignorant of the spies in his midst. With Gorbachev in power in the Soviet Union, the winds of change are sweeping through Russia and America creating new perils.

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