The Lake - Sezonul 2


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Justin is determined to make this summer his best yet. Unfortunately, his plan goes up in flames when his fireworks blow up the boathouse. Everyone blames Justin, but he knows he’s innocent. He just has to prove it. Maisy's mother Mimsy shows up to spend her “last” summer with her family. And Billie meets both a gorgeous tree planter and a climate activist who threaten to blow up her summer too.

8 Episoade


Comedie, Dramă




Jon Dore
Wayne Moore
Travis Nelson
Riley Rosseau
Carolyn Scott
Ulrika Nilsson
Declan Whaley
Opal Lin
Natalie Lisinska
Jayne Moore
Terry Chen
Victor Lin
Brielle Robillard
Teri Moore
Kaitlyn Bernard
Keri Moore