Illang: The Wolf Brigade


Orginaltitel: 인랑

Titta nu


Science-Fiction , Mysterium & Thriller , Action & Äventyr


2t 19min


Gang Dong-won
Im Joong-kyung
Han Hyo-joo
Lee Yoon-hee
Kim Moo-yul
Han Sang-woo
Jung Woo-sung
Jang Jin-tae
Heo Joon-ho
Lee Gi-seok
Han Yeri
Goo Mi-kyeong
Choi Min-ho
Kim Cheol-jin
Shin Eun-soo
The Girl with Red Hat
Jung Won-joong
Chief of the NPA Kim Myeong-bae
Lee Dong-ha
Park Cheol-woo
Choi Jin-ho
Chief Secretary Park Jeong-gi
Kim Pub-lae
Special Leader Park Moo-yeong
Lee Je-yeon
Department of Public Peace Agent
Lee Seol‑gu
Sect One Leader
Jang Won-hyung
Park Tae-gyeong
Erika Ishii
Jennifer Yun
Park Byung-eun
Park Hwan-ryeol (uncredited)


In 2029, the elite police squad Illang combats a terrorist group opposing reunification of the two Koreas. But another enemy may be lurking nearby.

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