The Restaurant


Orginaltitel: Vår tid är nu

4 Säsonger

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Titta nu






Hedda Stiernstedt
Nina Löwander
Charlie Gustafsson
Calle Svensson
Anna Bjelkerud
Ethel Jonsson
Adam Lundgren
Peter Löwander
Josefin Neldén
Margareta "Maggan" Nilsson
Suzanne Reuter
Helga Löwander
Peter Dalle
Stig "Stickan" Backe
Malin Persson
Sonja Persson


Monday May 7, 1945 – the Second World War finally comes to an end and a new, brighter future beckons. In the midst of central Stockholm celebrations, two strangers come together with a quick kiss, parting company immediately after. Upper-class girl Nina and kitchen hand Calle don’t yet know that their brief encounter will come to have tumultuous consequences.

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