Last Supper


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Brian Price
Former Death Row Chef
Mimi Martin
Director of Food Studies
Sakae Menda
Former Death Row Prisoner
Pra Kru Nanta
Buddhist Monk
Bobby Olaguer
Prison Chaplain
Johan Steynberg
Former Executioner
Attha Youth
Former Prison Warden


Today, the ritual of giving the last supper to the condemned person has been detached from its origin, and can be perceived to be as absurd as the punishment it accompanies. Mats Bigert & Lars Bergström's film “The Last Supper” focuses on this discrepancy between historical “meaning” and contemporary use of a tradition that has lost its connection with the past. The main character is the former death row chef Brian Price, who reconstructs one of the 200 final meals that he prepared during his time as inmate in Huntsville State Prison, Texas.

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