Snowpiercer: Rompenieves

Snowpiercer: Rompenieves - Temporada 1 (2020)

Título original: Snowpiercer

Vídeos: Trailers y Featurettes

Ciencia ficción, Misterio & Suspense, Acción & Aventura, Drama


Jennifer Connelly
Melanie Cavill
Daveed Diggs
Andre Layton
Alison Wright
Ruth Wardell
Iddo Goldberg
Bennett Knox
Susan Park
Jinju Seong


After an apocalyptic winter consumes the Earth, humanity’s survivors cling to life aboard a purpose-built train, endlessly looping the globe. First class passengers live in luxury, while those in the tail near-starve, until an unexpected murder sees ‘tailie’ detective Layton pulled to the front in order to investigate.

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