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Harry Goddard is a bigoted British military man. He has been involved in more than his share of heinous acts perpetrated in the name of national security. He has been taught from the beginning that Islam is evil and that Muslims are the enemy. An operation occurs where a completely innocent Muslim woman is murdered by a man under his control and this act pushes Goddard over the edge - his conscience will not allow him to continue. He tries to run away from the mental anguish by moving to western Canada but soon after his arrival, he finds himself involved with a Muslim brother and sister who have recently moved to Canada to escape the oppression in their homeland. The brother is gay and the sister is an artist who finds herself subject to unwanted marriage proposals from her fundamentalist cousin who has sponsored their move to Canada. Her suitor wants to circumcise her and his plan sets off a series of actions that exposes how the media can be responsible for perpetuating stereotypes.


IMDB 6.0




1h 23min

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James Durward