Newport Beach (The O.C.) - Saison 2 (2004)

Titre Original: The O.C.

24 épisodes

Drame, Comédie, Comédie Romantique


Kelly Rowan
Kirsten Cohen
Ben McKenzie
Ryan Atwood
Adam Brody
Seth Cohen
Melinda Clarke
Julie Cooper
Rachel Bilson
Summer Roberts
Mischa Barton
Marissa Cooper
Alan Dale
Caleb Nichol


At the end of last season, Ryan returned to Chino to protect his pregnant ex-girlfriend from her abusive ex-boyfriend and, with the departure of his only friend in Newport Beach, Seth decided to do what he always had planned: sail off on his yacht, the Summer Breeze, and run away from Newport Beach. With Seth and Ryan gone, Kirsten and Sandy try to stay busy with a remodeling project at home, while Julie and Caleb settle into their gorgeous Newport Beach mansion. But now the summer is over, school's about to begin and Ryan and Seth are nowhere to be found.

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