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Tim & Struppi - Staffel 1


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A giant meteoroid approaches the Earth, spotted from an observatory by Professor Calculus, and he and a self-proclaimed prophet, Philippulus, predicts the meteoroid will hit Earth and cause the end of the world. The meteoroid misses Earth, but a fragment of it plunges into the Arctic Ocean. Calculus determined that the object is made of a new material arranges an expedition to find it with Tintin, Haddock and Detectives Thompson and Thomson.

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20 Folgen


Action & Abenteuer, Animation, Kinder & Familie, Komödien, Science-Fiction, Krimi, Made in Europe




Thierry Wermuth
Tintin (voice)
Christian Pelissier
Capitaine Haddock (voice)
Henri Labussière
Professeur Tournesol (voice)
Yves Barsacq
Dupont (voice)
Jean-Pierre Moulin
Dupond (voice)
Susan Roman
Milou (voice)
Michel Ruhl
Nestor (voice)
Marie Vincent
Bianca Castafiore (voice)
Georges Berthomieu
Séraphin Lampion