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Harold Lloyd
The Boy - Harold
Mildred Davis
The Girl
Bill Strother
The Pal
Noah Young
The Law
Westcott Clarke
The Floorwalker
Roy Brooks
Man Laughing from Window
Mickey Daniels
Newsboy with Freckles
Richard Daniels
Worker with Acetylene Torch
Ray Erlenborn
Newsboy with Cap
William Gillespie
Ambulance Driver
Helen Gilmore
Department Store Customer
Wally Howe
Man with Flowers / Studio Photographer
James T. Kelley
Old Driver of Delivery Truck
Billie Latimer
Tall Customer
Gus Leonard
Office Worker
Sam Lufkin
Pawnshop Owner
Earl Mohan
Drunk Exiting Acme Drug Co.
Marie Mosquini
Fred C. Newmeyer
Car Driver Who Gets Parking Ticket
Charles Stevenson
Ambulance Attendant
Anna Townsend
The Grandma Punched During the Sale
Patrick Youch
Onlooker - Clock Sequence

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