De culo y cuesta abajo - Temporada 1


Título original: Eastbound & Down

6 Episodios



Comedia , Deporte , Drama




Danny McBride
Kenny Powers
Steve Little
Stevie Janowski
Katy Mixon
April Buchanon
John Hawkes
Dustin Powers
Jennifer Irwin
Cassie Powers
Andrew Daly
Terrence Cutler
Ike Barinholtz
Ivan Dochenko


Former pitcher Kenny Powers finds himself out of baseball and reduced to teaching Phys Ed at the North Carolina school he once attended. Wreaking havoc both at school and at the home of his brother Dustin where he crashes, the loutish, foul-mouthed Kenny plots his return to the majors . . . while trying to win back his former high-school squeeze April, now a teacher engaged to principal Terrence Cutler.

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