Divina de la muerteDivina de la muerte

Divina de la muerte - Temporada 6 (2014)

Título original: Drop Dead Diva


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13 Episodios

Drama, Comedia, Romance


Brooke Elliott
Jane Bingum
April Bowlby
Stacy Barrett
Jackson Hurst
Grayson Kent
Kate Levering
Kim Kaswell
Lex Medlin
Owen French


Jane is forced to finally tell the truth to Grayson, but his reaction leaves her more lost than ever. Meanwhile Owen gets a visit from his estranged brother, Charlie, that puts his personal life and the firm at risk. As Jane buries herself in work once again to hide from the problems in her life, she discovers her new pro bono case has high stakes with the U.S. government. With Kim on maternity leave, a new lawyer, Belinda joins the firm and gives Jane a run for her money.

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