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The crew of the Nathan James is shifting their attention to Asia after President Michener hears rumblings that the Chinese leader has been hoarding the "Scott cure" instead of distributing it to the people in the region. Michener sends Chandler to a global summit to investigate this allegation, as well as rumors of a possible mutation of the original virus that has caused a fresh outbreak in Japan.

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13 Epizody


Drama, Sci-fi, Akční adventura, War & Military, Mystery & Thriller

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Eric Dane
CO CDR Tom Chandler
Adam Baldwin
XO Mike Slattery
Travis Van Winkle
Lt. Danny Green
Christina Elmore
Lt. Alisha Granderson
Jocko Sims
LT. Carlton Burk
Jodie Turner-Smith
Sgt. Azima Kandie