Once Upon a Time in London


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1h 35min


Terry Stone
Jack 'Spot' Comer
Leo Gregory
Billy Hill
Holly Earl
Aggie Vaux
Dominic Keating
Belgian Johnny
Geoff Bell
Darky Mulley
Michael McKell
Detective Rogers
Andy Beckwith
Sonny The Yank
Doug Allen
Albert Dimes
Roland Manookian
Mad Frankie Fraser
Ken Croft
Ronnie Kray
Josh Myers
Moisha Blueball
Joe Egan
Bears Breath
Mark Preston
Barry Preston
Mark Harris
DS Higgins
Simon Munnery
Duncan Webb
Ali Cook
Odd Legs
Max Dowler
Mr Bennett
Amy Loughton
Mrs Bennett
Frank Buglioni
Elephant Dave
Alex Watts
Billy Sparks
Jamie O’Hara
Grinning Mike
Alfie Best
Electric Alfie
J.J. Hamblett
Bobby Warren
Simon Nader
Little Alan
John Michael Lowe
Alex The Barman
Alexis Caley
Rose Heilbron QC


Billy Hill and Jack 'Spot' Comer were among the most notorious criminals in London up until the 1950s. Dramatising the violent reign of two of London's most notorious gangsters, Billy Hill (Leo Gregory) and Jack 'Spot' Comer (Terry Stone), ONCE UPON A TIME IN LONDON charts the legendary rise and fall of a nationwide criminal empire that lasted until the mid-fifties and which paved the way for the notorious Kray Twins and The Richardsons. This is the story of their rise and fall.

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