Colgados en Filadelfia - Temporada 13


Título original: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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10 Episodios







Charlie Day
Charlie Kelly
Glenn Howerton
Dennis Reynolds
Rob McElhenney
Ronald "Mac" McDonald
Kaitlin Olson
Deandra Reynolds
Danny DeVito
Frank Reynolds


The Gang returns... mostly... in Season 13. Mac, Charlie, Dee, and Frank return to their duplicitous, scheming ways at Paddy’s Pub, while Dennis takes on the new role of father in North Dakota. Even without Dennis, the Gang has its hands full as Charlie hopes to have a child with The Waitress, Mac sets out to understand his newfound sexuality, Dee takes feminism to new heights, and Frank goes to great lengths for the Gang to experience the greatest moment in Philadelphia sports history – an Eagles Super Bowl victory.

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