Payback: Money and Power

Payback: Money and Power


Originaalne pealkiri: 법쩐

Vaata kohe

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Eun Yong, a money business titan and an affluent financial capitalist, has been living a life of a recluse in the pastures of Mongolia. Eun returns to Korea when his nephew Tae-chun and his late benefactor's daughter Joon-gyeong enlists his help. He prepares for war against corrupt powers to protect his beloved family and to avenge the death of a dear old friend.

Payback: Money and Power

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1h 3min



Moon Chae-won
Park Joong-kyung
Son Eun-seo
Myung Sae-hee
Kang Yoo-seok
Jang Tae-chun
Park Hoon
Hwang Ki-suk
Choi Min-chul
Park Jeong-su
Kim Hong-pa
Myung In Joo
Lee Ki-young
Oh Chang Hyun
Kim Mi-sook
Yoon Hye Rin
Choi Deok-moon
Nam Sang Il
Seo Jung-yeon
Eun Ji Hee
Kim Hye-hwa
Hong Han Na
Park Jung-pyo
Lee Yeong Jin
Kwon Hyuk
Lee Soo Dong
Kwon Tae-won
Baek In Soo
Won Hyun-jun
Lee Jin Ho