Indebted (2013)

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Mysteeri & Trilleri , Draama, Made in Europe, Toiminta & Seikkailu, Rikos
1t 35min


Elli (Heidi Lindén) is a biology student who likes to party and sleep around. Her part-time cleaning job doesn't even cover her rent, but a chance encounter with a wealthy man leads her to discover that she can earn far more from one-night stands. Money trumps conscience, and soon Elli finds herself drawn ever-deeper into a world of soliciting and prostitution. Iiris (Kristiina Puukko) owes money to loan sharks, and is forced to lead a gang of violent debt collectors going after defaulters so that her own debts can be forgiven. She asserts her authority by being both one of the lads and tougher than any of them, but when she falls for gang member Andrei (Juha-Tapio Arola) she is forced to reveal her softer side. Meanwhile, Andrei meets Elli at a Helsinki nightspot and they decide to a start a new life together. Iiris has also been making plans for a new beginning, but other people's debts are harder to pay off than your own.

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