Alkuperäinen nimi: Vincent n'a pas d'écailles

Fantasia, Made in Europe, Komedia, Draama
1t 20min


Nicolas Jaillet
Lieutenant Le Brec
Nina Meurisse
Lucie's Friend
Rémy Ventura
Camping Man
Claude Maurice
Vincent's Landlady
Simon Espigue
Farm Child #1
Amandine Rigaud
Farm Child #2
Tom Sebban
Farm Child #3
Najim El Atouani
Vincent's Co-worker
Louis-Emmanuel Blanc
Assistant Officer
Martin Paquet
Pick-up Chauffeur


Vincent has an extraordinary ability: his strength and reflexes increase tenfold when in contact with water. To make full use of this gift, he settles in a region with many lakes and rivers, which is isolated enough to allow him to live a peaceful life. Then, one day, during an aquatic escapade, he encounters Lucie.

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