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Richter Belmont joins forces with Maria and an unlikely crew of characters whose toughened exteriors bely their various tragic backstories. Bringing their formidable shape-shifting powers to bear, they seek to prevent the seemingly imminent reign of the vampire messiah. Their last-ditch battle to save humanity becomes fraught with existential questions as each vampire hunter is forced to confront their own troubled (and deeply human) traumatic past. And as the vampires threaten to leave the world in eternal darkness, there’s no time to spare — and plenty of dark drama on display.

8 Jaksoa


JustWatch Rating 86%
IMDB 7.5 (10k)


Animaatio, Scifi, Draama, Kauhu, Mysteeri & Trilleri , Toiminta & Seikkailu, Fantasia




Edward Bluemel
Richter Belmont (voice)
Pixie Davies
Maria (voice)
Thuso Mbedu
Annette (voice)
Sydney James Harcourt
Edouard (voice)
Nastassja Kinski
Tera (voice)
Zahn McClarnon
Olrox (voice)