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Dwight D. Eisenhower
Self (archive footage)
Adolf Hitler
Self (archive footage)
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Self (archive footage)
Charles de Gaulle
Self (archive footage)
Heinrich Himmler
Self (archive footage)
Erwin Rommel
Self (archive footage)
Joseph Stalin
Self (archive footage)
Hermann Göring
Self (archive footage)
Winston Churchill
Self (archive footage)
Benito Mussolini
Self (archive footage)
Kostas Serafeimidis
Narrator (Greek)


A six-part French documentary about the Second World War composed exclusively of actual footage of the war as filmed by war correspondents, soldiers, resistance fighters and private citizens. The series is shown in color, with the black and white footage being fully colorized, save for some original color footage. The only exception to the treatment are most Holocaust scenes, which are presented in the original black and white.

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