Naruto: Shippuuden

Naruto: Shippuuden - Kausi 10 (2011)

Alkuperäinen nimi: ナルト 疾風伝

50 Jaksoa

Videot: Traileri, Teaser, Kooste

Toiminta & Seikkailu, Scifi, Animaatio, Komedia, Draama, Fantasia



In the aftermath of the attack on the village, Naruto and Sakura are shocked to discover that Danzo has been selected as the new Hokage. And his first order of business involves Team 7's own Rogue Ninja-Sasuke! Then, the Kage from each village gather for a summit in the Land of Iron, and Naruto seeks a pardon for Sasuke from the Raikage. But the cycle of hatred runs deep in the shinobi world, and while the Five Kage discuss how to deal with the Akatsuki, the mysterious one calling himself Madara steps forward to reveal truths that will turn Naruto's world upside down! Plus, take a step back in time to a turning point in the young Kakashi's life, as he fights alongside his teammates under the guidance of the Fourth Hokage!

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