Godfather of Harlem - Saison 2


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10 épisodes

Drame, Crime & Thriller


Forest Whitaker
Bumpy Johnson
Vincent D'Onofrio
Vincent “Chin” Gigante
Ilfenesh Hadera
Mayme Johnson
Paul Sorvino
Frank Costello
Giancarlo Esposito
Adam Clayton Powell Jr.
Rafi Gavron
Ernie Nuzi
Kathrine Narducci
Olympia Gigante


Season 2 finds Bumpy battling the New York Crime Families for control of the lucrative and murderous “French Connection,” the pipeline for heroin that runs from Marseilles to New York Harbor. With a distribution syndicate that includes black crime bosses from other major U.S. cities, Bumpy takes a cue from his friend Malcolm X’s message of black economic nationalism.

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