David Leadbetter Practice Makes Perfect (2005)


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Every professional on the course today got to where they are because of one thing: practice. In this DVD, world-famous golf coach David Leadbetter shows you his top 25 drills, all of which have been used by the pros he coaches. The best part is you don't have to be on a golf course to practice Leadbetter's drills. You can do them in your backyard or living room (just make sure to remove and lamps or children before starting in the latter). By following Leadbetter's instruction, you will develop a smoother swing and better accuracy, and you'll learn to eliminate those shots that end up costing you the game. It's time to join the ranks of such golf stars as Nick Faldo, Greg Norman, Nick Price, and Ernie Els, all of whom practiced with Leadbetter on their way to the top. Now, let him help you realize your true golfing potential!

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