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The team suffers a devastating loss and confront staggering challenges. Adapting to the next evolution of The Machine, now completely self-governed and hidden from all, Finch and Reese team with rogue agent Sameen Shaw to save lives and seek justice, but their missions now threaten to tear them apart. Joss Carter and Lionel Fusco finally unravel the criminal police conspiracy "HR" - but at a tragic cost. And former cyber-enemy — and now highly tuned confederate of The Machine — Root becomes an unpredictable ally when the team learns a second surveillance apparatus to rival The Machine is on the verge of activation.

A célszemély adatfolyam, bérlés vagy vásárlás – 3. évad:

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20 Epizódok


Akció és kaland, Tudományos-fantasztikus, Dráma, Rejtély és thriller, Bűn




Jim Caviezel
John Reese
Michael Emerson
Harold Finch
Kevin Chapman
Lionel Fusco
Sarah Shahi
Sameen Shaw
John Nolan
John Greer