Szellemekkel suttogó - 3. évad (2007)

Eredeti cím: Ghost Whisperer

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Tudományos-fantasztikus, Rejtély és thriller, Dráma


David Conrad
Jim Clancy
Camryn Manheim
Delia Banks


With the assistance of her hunky husband Jim, her skeptical best friend Delia, and a wisecracking professor of the occult, Melinda helps ghosts cross over to the other side. But woven through the entire third season is Melinda's investigation into her own family secrets, culminating in a high-stakes season finale. A dead photographer creates pictures from the afterlife; a mother actively cultivates being haunted by her dead son because she's afraid he's too young to cross over on his own.

Szellemekkel suttogó adatfolyam, bérlés vagy vásárlás – 3. évad:

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