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Currently you are able to watch "Emergency Declaration" streaming on Klik Film or for free with ads on Vidio. It is also possible to rent "Emergency Declaration" on Apple TV online and to download it on Apple TV.


Song Kang-ho
Gu In-ho
Lee Byung-hun
Park Jae-hyuk
Jeon Do-yeon
Kim Sook-hee
Kim Nam-gil
Choi Hyun-soo
Yim Si-wan
Ryu Jin-seok
Kim So-jin
Kim Hee-jin
Park Hae-jun
Park Tae-soo
Kim Bo-min
Park Soo-min
Hyun Bong-sik
Park Yoon-cheol
Woo Mi-hwa
Lim Hyung-kook
Seol In-a
Im Tae-eun
Lee Yul-eum
Park Shi-young
Moon Sook
Dr. Han
Kwon Han-sol
Kim Kuk-hee
Kim Hak-seon
Lee Si-won
Im Sung-jae
Kang Mal-geum
Nam Myung-ryeol
Director of the National Security Office
Kim Ho-jung
Minister of Health and Welfare
Lee Hwa-ryong
Director of KCDC
Lee Jae-eun
News Anchor
Wang Jong-myung
News Anchor
Kwak Min-kyu
Construction Company Business Trip Employee
Yoon Se-woong
Golf Club Member / Airplane Passenger
Maurice Turner Jr.
Airplane Passenger
Lee Eun-hee
Travel Family
Park Jae-wan
Hawaii Branch Manager
Ha Soo-ho
Bricom Guard
Lee Doo-seok
Park Gun-woo
Jung Hyung-suk
Minister Han
Gong Teyu
Tokyo controller
Lee Hae-woon
Forensic Investigation
Lee Su-mi
Hye Yoon's friend/ Airplane passenger
Jeon Eun-mi
Crisis Response Team
Lee Mi-ra
High school girl's family
Ha Hye-seung
Newly weds
Jin Mi-sa
Hye Yoon's friend
Lee Sang-hyun
Captain Jang Young-Seok
Choi Young Do
Immigrant couple / Airplane passenger
Jung Seo-in
Immigrant couple / Airplane passenger
Nam Myung-ryeol
Blue House Chief of Security
Carson Allen
Backpacker / Airplane Passenger
John D. Michaels
Airplane Passenger
Jeong Jong-yeol
Seok Pil-ho
Kim Ho-jung
Minister of Health and Welfare Baek
Lee Hyun-kyun
Oh Seong-Hoon
Jeon Soo-ji
Assistant Oh
Cho Seung-yeon
Golf club member / Airplane passenger
Jo Seung-yeon
Golf club member / Airplane passenger
Sim So-yeon
Aged couple member passenger
Shin Soo-yeon
Female high school student #1 / Airplane passenger
Hong Ha-na-im
Female high school student #2 / Airplane passenger
Jeon Jung-il
Construction company business trip employee #2
Lee Seung-joon
Newlywed / Airplane passenger
Ha Jung-min
Newlywed / Airplane passenger
Kim Keum-soon
Family on vacation / Airplane passenger
Shin Seung-yong
Overseas business trip attorney
Lee Dong-hee
Family on vacation / Airplane passenger
Park Yoon-hee
Tokyo Control Station team leader
Ock Yun-jung
Flight attendant's younger brother
Kim Chang-hwan
Secretary of State's assistant
Moon Joo-yeon
Ticket booth clerk #1
Moon Ah-ram
Ticket booth clerk #2
Jung Yun-ha
Moon Hae-Jin
Oh Yun-su
Flight attendant
Lee Taek-geun
Travel journalist
Park Hui-eun
Barista trainee
Seok Bo-bae
Diving club / Airplane passenger
Kim Byeong-man
Diving club / Airplane passenger
Choi Sol-hee
Mother and daughter trip
Jo Yong-jun
Group tour/ Airplane passenger
Group tour/ Airplane passenger
Ji Woong-bae
Tourist / Airplane passenger
Park Sun-im
Airplane passenger
Oh Seung-jun
Couple on reward vacation
Song Hoon
Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs
Kim Seo-yeon
University couple
Song Kyung-eui
Security checkpoint agent
Sung Ki-yoon
Crisis management situation team leader
Cho Jae-ryong
Duty manager
Hwang Jae-yeol
Control Team Leader #1
Song Hyeong-su
Control Team Leader #4
Kim Kwang-shik
Control Team Leader #5
Jeong Woo-yeong
Control room staff
Sim Woo-sung
Control room staff
Yoo Ah-reum
Control room staff
Jo Dae-hee
Control room staff
Jo Young Ji
Control room staff
Choi Jae-hoon
Control room team member
Byeon Dong-wook
Control Tower Soldier
Lee Eun-joo
Response team criminal psychologist
kim kang hyun
Response team criminal psychologist
Ki Do-young
Reporter in front of cargo
Son Jin-hwan
Member of the hearing committee
Park Ki-seon
Director of the Seoul Regional Aviation Administration
Kang Yeong-il
Quality standard response team
Kwon Hyuk
Assistant Secretary of the Security Office
Baek Seung-ik
NFS Team Member
Yang Hee-myoung
Ji Nam Hyuk
Tokyo Control Center member
Park Ye-yeong
Tokyo Control Center member
Kim Yeong-jo
Tokyo Control Center member
Byun Joong-hee
Kim Do-won
Jang Yong-hee
Kim Hyun-jung
Bae Hyun-kyung
U.S. flight controller
Lee Yoon-jae
Response Team Police
Jeong Hyung-suk
Minister of Public Administration and Security
Oh Geun-wook
NFS Team Member
Jang Jun-hee
Son Kyoung-won
Forensic investigator
Kim Yeon-gyo
Bricom Wife of a construction company employee
Kwon Il-yong
News Panel Profiler
Jo Hyun-im
News Panel

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