Teen WolfTeen Wolf

Teen Wolf - Stagione 6 (2016)

20 Episodi

Drammatico, Fantascienza, Romantico, Thriller e Mistero, Azione e Avventura, Fantasy, Commedia


Tyler Posey
Scott McCall
Dylan O'Brien
Stiles Stilinski
Holland Roden
Lydia Martin
Melissa Ponzio
Melissa McCall
Linden Ashby
Noah Stilinski
JR Bourne
Chris Argent


The final season features the greatest threat yet: The Ghost Riders of The Wild Hunt. These beings erase people from existence--including eradicating them from the memories of those who knew them--and a member of Scott's pack is among the first to be taken. Scott and his remaining pack must find a way to defeat the Ghost Riders AND remember and rescue their lost and forgotten friend before everyone in Beacon Hills is erased.

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