Chasing Ice backdrop 1

Chasing Ice (2012)


1h 14min


as Himself - Photographer
as Himself - Photo Assistant
as Himself - EIS Engineer (as Adam Lewinter)
as Himself - Photographer & Oscar Winning Filmmaker
as Herself - The Aspen Institute
as Herself - National Geographic Explorer (as Sylvia Earle Ph.D.)
as Himself - National Geographic Editor
as Himself - Climatologist, Ohio State University (as Jason Box Ph.D.)
as Himself - Glaciologist, University of Colorado (as Tad Pfeffer Ph.D.)
as Herself - James's Wife
as Himself - EIS Videographer


When National Geographic photographer James Balog asked, “How can one take a picture of climate change?” his attention was immediately drawn to ice. Soon he was asked to do a cover story on glaciers that became the most popular and well-read piece in the magazine during the last five years. But for Balog, that story marked the beginning of a much larger and longer-term project that would reach epic proportions.

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