Naked Lunch

Naked Lunch


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Blank-faced bug killer Bill Lee and his dead-eyed wife, Joan, like to get high on Bill's pest poisons while lounging with Beat poet pals. After meeting the devilish Dr. Benway, Bill gets a drug made from a centipede. Upon indulging, he accidentally kills Joan, takes orders from his typewriter-turned-cockroach, ends up in a constantly mutating Mediterranean city and learns that his hip friends have published his work -- which he doesn't remember writing.

Naked Lunch - شاهدوا أونلاين: بالبث أو الشراء أو التأجير

نسعى باستمرار لإضافة مقدمي خدمة جدد، لكن لم نتمكن من العثور على عرض لمشاهدة "Naked Lunch" أونلاين. نرجو منكم العودة قريباً للاطلاع على كل جديد لدينا.




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