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The Transformers is the first animated television series in the Transformers franchise. The series depicts a war among giant robots that can transform into vehicles and other objects.

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Science-Fiction, Animation, Action & Adventure, Kids & Family




Peter Cullen
Optimus Prime / Streetwise / Nightstick / Slugslinger / Wingspan
Frank Welker
Galvatron (voice)
Jack Angel
Smokescreen / Omega Supreme / Breakdown / Ramjet / Astrotrain / Ultra Magnus / Arcana
Corey Burton
Spike Witwicky / Sunstreaker / Brawn
Dan Gilvezan
Bumblebee (voice)
Don Messick
Ratchet / Gears / Scavenger
Christopher Collins
Starscream / Wheeljack / Sparkplug / Reflector
Hal Rayle
Snarl / Shrapnel / Pipes
Neil Ross
Bonecrusher / Hook / Slag
Ed Gilbert
Thrust / Blitzwing / Superion
Victor Caroli
Narrator (voice)
David Mendenhall
Daniel Witwicky
Jim Cummings
Afterburner / Rippersnapper
Gregg Berger
Grimlock (voice)
Michael Bell
Prowl / Bombshell / Sideswipe/ Swoop
Stan Jones
Zarak (voice)
Richard Gautier
Hot Rod (voice)