Yona (2014)


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Czas Trwania
1h 40min


Naomi Levov
Yona Wallach
Liat Goren
Esther Wallach
Michal Varshai
Nira Wallach
Amir Weiser
Michael Wallach


Based on the turbulent life story of the poet Yona Wallach. The film focuses on the period in which she was just a young village girl, a war orphan, clawing her way through the world of Hebrew poetry. With the outbreak consciousness and transition from the village to the big city, Jonah, which examines the limits of herself and wants to know everything, experienced a mental breakdown. Spirit of the times, Jonah was treated LSD. The struggle to return to write and occupy its own place heavy charge her, but earns her immortality on the Hebrew poetry shelf.

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