The 100 - Sezon 7 (2020)


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Wideo: Trailery, Teasery, Bonusy

Science-Fiction, Dramat, Akcja & Przygoda


Eliza Taylor
Clarke Griffin
Bob Morley
Bellamy Blake
JR Bourne
Russell Lightbourne VII / Sheidheda
Chuku Modu
Gabriel Santiago
Richard Harmon
John Murphy
Lindsey Morgan
Raven Reyes


After arriving on a new planet, our heroes found a place where they hoped to try again. Clarke and Bellamy led a group down to this mysterious world to start anew, but not everything on Sanctum was as perfect as it seemed. Despite their determination to do better, threats both seen and unseen once again forced them to fight for their lives and the future of humanity.

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