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Jiří Hána
Analitik Hána
David Máj
Rudolf Fulín
Veronika Freimanová
Jaroslava Gawlasová
Dušan Sitek
Josef Gawlas
Vladimír Kratina
Karel Chmiela
Lukáš Vaculík
Jiří Malota
Martin Finger
Kpt. Tomáš Zakopal


One shot – you get blind. Two shots – you die. It waits for you in tobacconist, in gift bag from your friend, at wedding… Do you know, what are you drinking? Case that connected police, courts, journalists and politicians. Real story, that can repeat anytime again. In the end of summer 2012, Czech republic was shocked by incidents, that public, detectives or attorneys don't remember. Alcohol made of mix of ethanol and deadly toxic methanol killed at least 38 people and harmed at least 80 in few weeks.

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