Dirty Work





1h 22min

Classificação de idade



Norm Macdonald
Mitch Weaver
Artie Lange
Sam McKenna
Jack Warden
'Pops' McKenna
Don Rickles
Mr. Hamilton
Chevy Chase
Dr. Farthing
Chris Farley
Jimmy (uncredited)
Rebecca Romijn
Bearded Lady
Adam Sandler
Satan (uncredited)
John Goodman
Mayor Adrian Riggins (uncredited)
David Koechner
Anton Phillips
Gary Coleman
Gary Coleman
Ken Norton
Ken Norton
Uni Park
Lin Young (Saigon Whore)
Boyd Banks
Creepy Harry
Shane Daly
Door Henchman
Jessica Booker
Mrs. Murphy
George Chuvalo
Ring Announcer
Jennifer Steede
Woman at Bar (uncredited)
Cliff Saunders
Car Radio Thief
Conrad Goode
John (uncredited)
Bess Motta
Aerobics Instructor
Bradley Reid
Mitch (8 Years Old)
Joseph Sicilia
Sam (8 years old)
Matt Steinberg
Mitch (16 years old)
Austin Pool
Sam (16 years old)
Matt Steinberg
Mitch (18 years old)
Michael Vollans
Derek (10 years old)
Hrant Alianak
John Kirkpatrick
James Downey
Martin (Homeless Guy)
Rummy Bishop
Homeless Guy at Apartment
Fred Wolf
Homeless Man
James Carroll
Middle-aged guy
B.J. McQueen
Big Wet Man
Tony Meyler
Lobby Henchman
James Binkley
Unaffected Henchman
Dini Petty
Dini Petty
Mike Anscombe
Mike Anscombe
Joslyn Wenn
Jenkins' Fantasy Girl
Robbie Rox
Huge Prisoner
Sanjay Taiwar
Theater Worker
Gord Martineau
Gord Martineau
George Sperdakos
Opera Critic
Eleanor Doyes
Opera Critic's Date
Laura Pudwell
Opera Lady
Emilio Roman
Baritone Errante
Christine Odom
Adult Jenny
Richard Sali
Crossing Guard
Arlaine Wright
Aerobics Instructor
Michael Stevens
Rock Guitarist
Kevin Farley
Theater Worker
Henry Chan
Doctor at Fat Clinic
Wilfrid Bray
Homeless Guy


Unemployed and recently dumped, Mitch and his buddy Sam start a revenge-for-hire business to raise the $50,000 that Sam's father needs to get a heart transplant. The dirty duo brings down a movie theater manager and hires hookers to pose as dead bodies during a live TV ad. When a wealthy developer hires the guys to trash a building (so that he can have it condemned), problems arise and a feud ensues.

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