A Teoria do Big Bang - Temporada 3


Título Original: The Big Bang Theory

Assista Agora

23 Episódios

Comédia, Romance
Classificação de idade


Johnny Galecki
Leonard Hofstadter
Jim Parsons
Sheldon Cooper
Kaley Cuoco
Penny Teller
Simon Helberg
Howard Wolowitz
Kunal Nayyar
Rajesh Koothrappali


Worlds collide in Season 3! A love affair with Penny has opened a big, wide, wonderful world of romance for Leonard. But Sheldon likes the world just the way it was, thank you. All of which makes for a zany comic triangle with brainy, clueless Sheldon and practical, grounded Penny hilariously vying for the role of hypotenuse.

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