A Vingadora - Temporada 2


Título Original: Alias

Assista Agora

22 Episódios

Ação & Aventura, Crime, Ficção Científica, Mistério & Thriller, Drama


Jennifer Garner
Sydney Bristow
Michael Vartan
Michael Vaughn
Victor Garber
Jack Bristow
Ron Rifkin
Arvin Sloane
Bradley Cooper
Will Tippin
Carl Lumbly
Marcus Dixon
Merrin Dungey
Francie Calfo
David Anders
Julian Sark
Kevin Weisman
Marshall Flinkman
Lena Olin
Irina Derevko


In the second season, plotting against rogue agency SD-6 keeps superspy Sydney Bristow almost as busy as negotiating a relationship with her long-lost mother and dealing with her growing feelings for CIA handler Vaughn. What Syd doesn't know is that there are lots more changes (costume and otherwise) ahead of her... it's going to be a long year!

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