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The First Spinjitzu Master created three Dragon Cores, yellow, purple and pink that are linked in ancient scrolls to a coalescence. Nya believes they have the power to stop MergeQuakes for good. The location of these Cores is hidden at the temple to the Dragon Cores inside the World Tree. The existence of these Cores leads the ninja to believe that the First Spinjitzu Master and his son Master Wu predicted the Merge and believed that they had the means to prevent it. Lloyd uses the three Cores to end the MergeQuakes and free the Source Dragon from below the Imperium.

20 Episódios


JustWatch Rating 89%
IMDB 7.7


Ação & Aventura, Comédia, Família, Fantasia, Ficção Científica, Animação




Sabrina Pitre
Sora (voice)