The Empty Man



Mystery & Thriller , Groază , Crimă , Dramă


2h 17min


James Badge Dale
James Lasombra
Marin Ireland
Nora Quail
Sasha Frolova
Amanda Quail
Samantha Logan
Davara Walsh
Ron Canada
Detective Villiers
Stephen Root
Arthur Parsons
Jamie-Lee Money
Lisa Schwartz
Owen Teague
Duncan West
Joel Courtney
Brandon Maibaum
Vere Tindale
Pontifex Young Man
Tanya van Graan
Allison Lasombra
Michael Bundred
Officer McManus
Reine Swart
Pontifex Receptionist
Jaan Marion
Office Parker
Robert Coutts
The Empty Man


Retired cop James Lasombra is asked by a friend to investigate the disappearance of her daughter, who seemingly packed in the night and left an ominous message on the bathroom mirror - "The Empty Man Made Me Do It." As he investigates this mysterious figure further, James begins to see and hear strange things, and is forced to come to terms with his past and what it means for his future.

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