Fulgerul - Sezonul 7


Titlul original: The Flash

18 Episoade

Dramă, Operă științifico-fantastică, Actiune & Aventura


Grant Gustin
Barry Allen / The Flash
Candice Patton
Iris West-Allen
Danielle Panabaker
Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost / Frost
Kayla Compton
Allegra Garcia
Brandon McKnight
Chester P. Runk
Danielle Nicolet
Cecile Horton


After a thrilling cliffhanger last season which saw Mirror Monarch victorious and still-at-large in Central City, The Flash must regroup in order to stop her and find a way to make contact with his missing wife, Iris West-Allen. With help from the rest of Team Flash, Barry will ultimately defeat Mirror Master. But in doing so, he’ll also unleash an even more powerful and devastating threat on Central City: one that threatens to tear his team—and his marriage—apart.

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