The 100 - Sezonul 3 (2016)

Operă științifico-fantastică, Actiune & Aventura, Dramă


Eliza Taylor
Clarke Griffin
Paige Turco
Abigail Griffin
Bob Morley
Bellamy Blake
Devon Bostick
Jasper Jordan
Isaiah Washington
Thelonious Jaha
Richard Harmon
John Murphy
Lindsey Morgan
Raven Reyes


Reunited with the survivors of the space-station Ark that fell to Earth, Clarke Griffin and her band of juvenile delinquents have faced death at every turn. Though Clarke was alternately challenged, supported and betrayed by her own people and alliances with the Grounders, they could always find common ground in survival. But victory came with a terrible price. The challenges continue in season three as they not only determine what kind of lives they will build, but what it will ultimately cost them.

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