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Alexandra is a film and TV writer at JustWatch. While she loves delving into the latest Nordic noir, or rewatching Fleabag, she can just as easily ball her eyes out with the latest season of Queer Eye. When not writing she works as a physiotherapists, and in her free time cultivates a garden and tinkers with an ever growing list of unfinished creative projects.

Experience and Education

Alexandra has a BA in Art History and Italian from Mount Holyoke College. She also has a BSc in Physiotherapy from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. She has been writing about movies and TV since 2015.

Favourite Movies and TV-Shows

Alexandra loves good mysteries, feel-good romcoms, and thoughtful arthouse films. Some of her all-time favorites are Twin Peaks (the third season is incredible!), Gosford Park, When Harry Met Sally, and Pan’s Labyrinth.

Alexandra Kon has written 46 articles on JustWatch. This includes adding news and relevant information to movie & TV show pages.

  • <h1>Netflix’s Bodies: Plot, Trailer, Release Date, Cast & More</h1>

    Netflix’s Bodies: Plot, Trailer, Release Date, Cast & More

    Television crime procedurals are a perpetually good source of entertainment because they provide a sense of mystery along with the comfort of a familiar formula. But even those of us who enjoy predicting the end of each episode get excited when a new crime series that deviates from the format and keeps us guessing is announced. Such is the case of Netflix’s upcoming series Bodies, which spans multiple timelines and genres to bring an altogether more complicated murder mystery to our screens.

    With the series’ premiere date set for October 19, 2023 on Netflix, let’s dive into everything we know about Bodies, including:

    • What is the plot of Bodies?
    • Who is in the cast of Bodies?
    • Is there a Bodies trailer?
    • Who is making Bodies?
    • How many episodes of Bodies are there?

    What is the plot of Bodies?

    Bodies is based on an 8-issue graphic novel of the same name written in 2015 by the late comic book writer Si Spencer.

    Netflix’s official plot description reads:

    “In present-day London, Detective Sergeant Shahara Hasan encounters a suspicious teen during a protest. Realizing he’s armed, she chases him through the city’s alleyways until she’s stopped in her tracks: He’s pointing his gun right at her, and a naked body lies motionless beside him. When the teen flees, Shahara realizes she didn’t hear his gun go off. As she investigates the man’s death, her journey toward the truth parallels three other investigations across multiple timelines — each of them involving different detectives but the same victim. As the four detectives attempt to solve the case, they unravel a mystery that could put hundreds of thousands of lives at stake”.

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  • <h1>7 Edgar Allan Poe References in the Fall of the House of Usher Trailer</h1>

    7 Edgar Allan Poe References in the Fall of the House of Usher Trailer

    Mike Flanagan’s next dive into the world of small-screen horror will splatter onto our screens on October 12, 2023. With the trailer setting the tone for a wild, gruesome, and comedic ride, fans are eager to see what the director of The Haunting of Hill House has in store for us. 

    The Fall of the House of Usher is based on the 1839 short story of the same name by Edgar Allan Poe. But while the miniseries might take its name and inspiration from the story, it is clear from the trailer alone that it is more of an amalgamation of references and callbacks to Poe’s many other works. Take a look at some of the references in the first trailer for The Fall of the House of Usher.

    1. The Fall of the House of Usher

    The most glaring references are obviously to the source material found in Edgar Allan Poe’s original story written in 1839. The story tells the tale of a man who goes to visit an ill friend, Roderick Usher, and his sister in an isolated house in the countryside. While there, Richard and his sister Madeline’s affliction intensifies, which they attribute to the house being somehow alive. The story culminates with the violent death of both siblings, and the house splitting in half as the narrator flees.

    While Mike Flanagan’s series adds many more family members to the mix and brings the setting into the modern world, the central idea of siblings at the centre of a family in decline remains. Roderick Usher (Bruce Greenwood/Zach Gilford ) features as the father of the family, as does his twin sister Madeline (Mary McDonnell/Willa Fitzgerald) as the siblings’ aunt.

    2. The Raven

    The most obvious reference in Fall of the House of Usher is to Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous narrative poem, The Raven (1845). The poem itself is about a heartbroken young man who is visited by a raven in the depths of the night. While the raven starts out as a new friend, it quickly turns into an antagonist for the man, as it only ever answers his queries with “Nevermore”.

    In Fall of the House of Usher, the series’ main antagonist played by Carla Gugino is called Verna, which is an anagram of “Raven”. The images released of Verna drive home the reference further, as she is depicted wearing a black raven mask whose style is similar to that of a plague doctor.

    In addition, the trailer features several closeups of a raven throughout, and the words “Nevermore, nevermore, nevermore” are repeated as the tension ramps up.

    3. The Pit and the Pendulum

    This short story written by Poe in 1842 is briefly referenced in the trailer (1:44) when a giant, lethally sharp pendulum slices through a destroyed house. Poe’s story takes place during the Spanish Inquisition, where a man is put on trial and found guilty. He faints and awakens to find himself in a dark cell. As he explores the cell, he regularly fades in and out of consciousness, eventually discovering there is a massive pit in the middle. As the creative execution begins to manifest, a massive sharpened pendulum begins to swing through the room and he must escape or be sliced to death.

    In addition to the big pendulum previously mentioned, a pendulum within a clock in a derelict room is also featured at 1:32, and a man is also shown in the middle of a darkened room fainting and falling to the ground at 1:06.

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  • <h1>ITV Named New Oscars Host in the UK</h1>

    ITV Named New Oscars Host in the UK

    Viewers in the United Kingdom will now be able to watch the full Oscars ceremony live on ITV1, or live stream it on ITVX.

    After 20 years of broadcasting on Sky, the network announced in August that they had given up the rights to host the Academy Awards on their platform. This left a great deal of uncertainty about where film fans in the UK could tune in to watch the prestigious ceremony next year. That question was finally answered, when an exclusive, multi-year deal between Disney Entertainment and ITV was reached. ITV will now host the 96th Academy Awards on their platform on March 10, 2024 (March 10–11 in the UK).


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  • <h1>5 Films to Watch If You Loved Past Lives</h1>

    5 Films to Watch If You Loved Past Lives

    Some of the greatest films in the history of cinema are capable of making us feel both great pain and great joy all at once. Celine Song’s superb romantic drama Past Lives does just that, succeeding in capturing feelings of longing alongside the bittersweet gratitude for a moment of profound connection with another human being.

    If your heart needs another dose of melancholic joy after seeing Past Lives, make sure you check out the brilliant films below. Each film shares a kinship in some way with Past Lives, and is guaranteed to leave you feeling tender, heartbroken, and alive.

    The ‘Before’ Trilogy

    One of the most obvious entries is the Before trilogy by acclaimed director Richard Linklater. Filmed over the course of 18 years, the trilogy starts with Before Sunrise (1995), followed by Before Sunset (2004), and concludes with Before Midnight (2013). The films tell the story of Céline (Julie Delpy) and Jesse (Ethan Hawke), who first meet on a train going from Budapest to Vienna and wind up spending the whole night walking, talking, and falling in love. The films centre completely around the dialogue between Céline and Jesse as they share their innermost vulnerabilities, hopes, and desires, and — similar to Past Lives — the films succeed at being both deeply relatable and captivating all at once.

    Where to watch: The Before trilogy is available to rent on Apple TV and other platforms.

    In the Mood for Love

    Legendary Hong Kong director Wong Kar-wai’s beautifully devastating romantic drama In the Mood for Love continues to be one of the most devastating descriptions of longing ever committed to film. Set in British Hong Kong in the 1960s, In the Mood for Love tells the story of journalist Chow Mo-wan and secretary Su Li-zhen, who form a connection after suspecting their partners are having an affair together. As their bond subtly begins to grow and transform, the two must decide if they will conform to societal morals or try to break free. As with Past Lives, In the Mood for Love is able to convey deep longing and internal turmoil, as well as the beauty of finding connection.

    Where to watch: In the Mood for Love is currently unavailable to stream. Click on the link to the film for more up to date information.

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  • <h1>Killers of the Flower Moon: Plot, Trailer, True Story, Where to Watch</h1>

    Killers of the Flower Moon: Plot, Trailer, True Story, Where to Watch

    Whenever Martin Scorsese announces a new project, the ears of fans and critics alike prick up, and the train of anticipation starts to pick up speed. Such was the case in 2017 when the legendary director’s next project was announced to be the adaptation of David Grann’s book Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI.

    The film’s global theatrical release will be on October 20, 2023, and after its run in cinemas it will be available to watch on Apple TV+. Before it arrives on screens, let’s dive into everything we know so far about the production, from its all-star cast to its plot, the true story on which the book is based, and the involvement of the Osage Nation in the film’s creation.

    Who is in the Killers of the Flower Moon Cast?

    Fans of Martin Scorsese’s film know that the director usually works with a few longtime collaborators as his main cast, and Killers of the Flower moon is no exception.

    Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Ernest Burkhart, in his seventh collaboration with Scorsese. Burkhart is a white man married to Mollie (Lily Gladstone), a member of the Osage Nation. His allegiances are twisted by his ties to his uncle, Bill Hale (Robert De Niro, in his eleventh collaboration with Scorsese), a local white businessman who ruthlessly aims to reap the profits from the oil found on Osage land.

    The rest of the cast includes Jesse Plemons as Tom White, the FBI agent sent to investigate the multiple murders of Osage tribe members, Brendan Fraser as Hale’s lawyer, John Lithgow as Prosecutor Leaward, Tantoo Cardinal as Mollie’s mother, Lizzie Q, and Scott Shepherd as Ernest’s brother, Bryan Burkhart, amongst others.

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