What's new on Amazon Prime Video UK?

Amazon Prime Video UK is constantly adding and removing films and series to its catalog. If you have the feeling that you browse endlessly or that you already saw everything, you will love the JustWatch New Timeline. We make sure you never miss any Amazon Prime new releases. Our List is updated multiple times a day, every day.
Find out what's new on Amazon Prime Video or discover the hot and new Amazon Prime films & series!

New releases streaming on Amazon Prime Video

New movies on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime adds very often movies to its library, especially at the beginning of every month. Below, you'll find the full list of all the new movies added to the Amazon Prime catalogue in the UK. Just select the filter "Movies" to see what’s coming and what's new everyday. You can also use other filters, like genre or year of release, if you prefer to see the new comedy on Amazon or have a thing for horror movies.

New TV series on Amazon Prime

As on every streaming providers, TV series availability on Amazon Prime changes all the time. Amazon Prime offers a wide range of TV series and keep adding new seasons and new episodes of famous series, like Grey's Anatomy or Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Amazon also got its own TV series, called Amazon Originals, and they become every year more popular. The Man in the High Castle, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel or Mr Robot are amongst the most expected TV series and the release of a new season is quite an event that shouldn't be miss. To check the full list of new TV series added to Amazon Prime, simply select "TV Series" in the filter bar below.