Movies to watch on Curiosity Stream - Find the best for you with JustWatch

What are the movies to watch on Curiosity Stream right now? Wonder no more! JustWatch shows you the ultimate Curiosity Stream movie list. We organized the movies by popularity to help you pick up the best movies on Curiosity Stream. You would rather just see horror movies on Curiosity Stream or comedy movies on Curiosity Stream? Simply use our filters below to find the one that will match your preferences. Yes, it's that simple! Our Curiosity Stream movie list is updated daily, to make sure you don't miss any of the good movies on Curiosity Stream.

Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary
Cat Nation
John Rabe. Der Gute Deutsche von Nanking
The High Frontier: The Untold Story of Gerard K. O'Neill
World War A: Aliens Invade Earth
Jago: A Life Underwater
The Whale and the Raven
Lost: MH 370
Shackleton's Captain
Life in Outer Space
Pink Ribbons, Inc.
Back to Chernobyl
Love Thy Nature
Battle of Kings: Bannockburn
Secrets of the Mona Lisa
Combat Obscura
An Honest Liar
Sharks (in 3D)
Enemies of the People
Humpback Whales
The Hunt for Dark Matter
Van Gogh: Brush with Genius
Dream Big: Engineering Our World
Seth's Dominion
Mummies Secrets Of The Pharaohs
The Curse of the Gothic Symphony
First Contact: Lost Tribe of the Amazon
Magic Camp
Earth's Survival: Decoding Climate Science
Stalin's Daughter
A Brief History of Time Travel
America's Musical Journey
The True Story of Pirates
Whale Wisdom
The untold story of the Vatican
Amazon Adventure